NXTSTAGE pilot competition winners

Leaders of Emprise, Fidelity and INTRUST banks today announced Griffin Technologies and Bellwethr as the 2020 NXTSTAGE Pilot Competition winners, choosing them from startups around the country competing to have the banks pilot their financial technologies.

Griffin Technologies, based in Kansas City, Mo., offers a unique marketing and analytics platform to help banks and credit unions reach and serve customers better. Headed by founder and CEO Donald Hawkins, Griffin (@grffnio) will be partnering with all three NXTSTAGE founding bank partners: Emprise, Fidelity and INTRUST banks.

Bellwethr, based in Wamego, Kan, uses AI software to help financial services firms better understand and guide their customers’ journeys. Bellwethr (@getBellwethr), led by founder and CEO Matt Moody, has been awarded a pilot program with Emprise Bank.
Matt Michaelis, Chairman, President and CEO of Emprise Bank, which is running two pilot projects, said, “Innovation is the lifeblood of our business, and we continue to drive to improve customer experience in our digital channel.”